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Your One Stop Service for Test & measuring Instrument Thank you for your interest in our company’s sales and service activities. Our corporate name, PT.Duta Sarana Instrumen ( Formerly CV. Duta Sarana Instrument ), signifies our valuable customers’ “Technical Partner.” Over 4 years we have been distributing of Japanese manufacturers’ Test and Measuring Instruments. Our office located in Bekasi and we have our offices house experienced engineers and are well equipped for after-sales-service. Our Singapore agent, ETIMS, ITT Cannon, NDS, SCHMIDT are ISO9002 certified to provide test and measuring instrument repair and quality calibration that are traceable to JQA, PSB, SIRIM, ETL and NIST. Should you have any enquiry on our range of products and services, we shall be pleased to render our assistance to you. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you towards Quality and Production Improvement. We involve in supplier, such as : 1. Spare parts 2. Tools 3. Test Measuring Equipment 4. After Sales Service ( Repair And Calibration ) Our Range of Products : 1. Electronic Test & Measuring Instrument 2. Communication Measuring Instrument 3. Mechanical Measuring Instrument 4. Environmental Temperature & Humidity Chamber 5. Shock, Drop & Vibration Testers 6. EMI/EMC ESD, Lighting, Surge Simulator 7. Anechoic Chamber & Shield Room 8. Production Tools & Jig 9. Calibration Full Range 10. Used Equipment Sales Our Major Supplier : Astro, ECG, EMIC, Graphtec, Hakko, Hios, Hioki, Hitachi, Idex, Imada, Iwatsu, Issoku, ITT Cannon, IZT, Kokuyo, Kikusui, Leader, Levear, Matsunaga, Microtest, Mcdry, Minato, Noiseken, NF, Onsoku, Peak, Rion, Takasago, Tamagawa, Texio, Yamabishi, Yokogawa, Yoshida-Seiki, another maker’s products detail
Materials and Plating for Harsh-Environment Connectors
When designing connectors for use in applications in harsh environments, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and industrial settings, special consideration must be given to protect not only the component but the end application as well. Depending on the market and application, protection requirements can include, but arent limited to, NEMA ratings, surge protection, EMI shielding, environmental sealing and reliability. Each of these requirements can be addressed by design considerations which include the connector materials and plating.
Advanced Connector Innovations Support Alternative Energy Systems
In advanced commercial markets – such as alternative energy – standards are being defined and product designs revolutionized, starting at the component level. Recent enhancements in connector technology, including insert and contact materials, housing designs, and manufacturing processes, have enabled connectors to be specified for applications in solar, wind and nuclear power, as well as in electric vehicles. In each application, these developments play an integral role in the development of advanced connector designs.
A New Method of Protecting Against EMI and EMP in Aircraft Applications
In commercial and military aircraft applications, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) conformity, EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) protection are paramount to maintaining the integrity of electronic signals, the information that is being transmitted, and consequently the overall performance of the device. Traditional methods of EMI and EMP protection include mounting additional devices to the circuit board. Yet, such solutions are costly, less effective, and do not conform to increasing real estate constraints. Alternatively, inroads are being made in EMI and EMP protection through mounting chip capacitors and TVS devices to flex circuits within a connector — as opposed to the circuit board — to protect against lightning induced transients, voltage surges, and electromagnetic interference and ESD pulses, all while conforming to the cost and size limitations of aircraft applications.
Sourcing Connectors for Harsh Ship, Oil, Rail and Energy Environments
Whether designing casualty power connectors for shipboard use, high power connectors for electric submersible pumps in oil wells, or high temperature connectors for use under railway cars, manufacturers must ensure that the parts function in these environments at all times. Materials selection is critical, and whether the connector is designed for submersible, high shock and vibration, high pressure or extreme temperature environments, customers need to know the connector they’ve selected is proven for such use.
Graphtec GL-220 Midilogger

Graphtec GL-220 Midilogger
Astro OFDM Modulator CM-5609B

Astro OFDM Modulator CM-5609B  
Peak 2028 Light Scale Loupe

Peak 2028 Light Scale Loupe  
Peak 2008 Depth Measuring Microscope

Peak 2008 Depth Measuring Microscope  
Levear SSG VP-8193D

Levear SSG VP-8193D   Levear Standard Signal Generator   High-precision, high-reliable AV Measuring Instruments High-precision, high-reliable AV
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